Do It Yourself

Image result for begin with the end in mind imagesBefore you read the list… Habit #2 of Highly Effective People is… begin with the end in mind… some want to tour… others are happy making music and a living from home… use the list below to tailor to your ‘end goal’… make it your list… no two are the same 🙂

Also… depends on where you are… if at the start… align all your social and IP (intellectual property)… check that you are not infringing on others copyrights or trademarks… the music business can go fast… make sure your foundations are sensible 🙂


Here is a generic list of action items… for any muso in the new world 🙂

  1. Find an audience /  find your people
  2. Build that audience (Twitter, Instagram, mailing list, open mic, house parties…whatever)
  3. Start documenting EVERYTHING you do ON VIDEO from this point on
  4. Listen to music your audience really loves
  6. Create a success plan (also called a business plan)
  7. Write songs with your target audience in mind or not up to you 🙂
  8. Find co-writers if needed
  9. Sign co-writing agreements
  10. Copyright compositions
  11. Record songs as best as you can for your audience, if you MUST go to a REAL studio (you probably don’t) make sure you have a budget and save at least half of that for marketing your recorded songs
  12. Set up a YouTube page, start posting “making of” videos
  13. Mix your songs
  14. Listen in different environments
  15. Re-mix
  16. Listen how, where and when your target audience will listen
  17. Re-mix again and again until it’s right for your audience
  18. Master
  19. Create artwork for in the proper format ALL stores and aggregators (ITUNES, SPOTIFY, CD, etc)
  20. Copyright sound recordings
  21. Make physical products if that is what your target audience wants to buy!
  22. Learn how to keep EXCELLENT records
  23. Get a business checking account and business debit card
  24. Learn xero or find a TRUSTED bookkeeper or CPA with entertainment experience
  25. Get the tax details of band members BEFORE you pay them anything
  26. Set up a REAL website
  27. Get BUSINESS CARDS include website, Facebook and PHONE
  28. Make an EPK (electronic press kit)
  29. Create a Facebook GROUP for your music
  30. BUILD YOUR TRIBE OF SUPER FANS one relationship at a time
  31. Start posting videos of your songs with buying links
  32. Send Press Release at least every 90 days
  33. Set up your merchandise for sale
  34. Start doing Facebook or other live video streaming events with tip jars
  35. Join any other social media site you will actually use on a daily basis, ideally ones that your target audience also uses
  36. Join or register with PROs
  37. Set up ways to take online and live payments
  38. Set up patreon style offering for monthly donations
  39. Publish songs
  40. Join TAXI or similar independent A&R company
  41. License songs
  42. Get songs placed
  43. Get on playlists
  44. Get songs recorded and performed by other artists
  45. Contact local morning TV shows for guest spots
  46. Start a media PR campaign
  47. Guest blog your experiences so far, tell your story
  48. Distribute songs where target audience can find them
  49. Promote songs/artist to target audience
  50. Perform songs where target audience will hear them, OFTEN (touring, live shows, Internet performances, video)
  51. NETWORK WITH OTHER BANDS, SINGERS, PRODUCERS in your genre (face to face if possible)
  52. Pay your taxes, but take EVERY deduction you are allowed and you are allowed a lot
  53. Write more songs
  54. Play more shows
  55. Do more of what worked
  56. Do less of what did not work
  57. Set new goals
  58. Enjoy the ride
  59. Rock on
  60. Rinse & Repeat