New Facebook algorithm snapshot… and what to do about it

by promyour on January 28, 2018

FYI – New Facebook Algorithm snapshot…

You’ve probably heard about it. Facebook announced a major change to their newsfeed algorithm.

In short, it’s supposed to create more “meaningful social interactions”. People will see less public content from business and brands, according to Mark.

Apparently, this is reason to panic for lots of people.

I don’t know why.

With every change, there’s opportunity.

The bigger the change, the bigger the opportunity.

Sure… those who don’t adapt their strategy have all reason to freak out. Their 2016 strategy isn’t working in 2018 anymore – waaahhhhhhhhh. What a surprise 


Here’s how I look at it..

There are 3 types of FB posts:

1. Posts by friends
2. Posts by Facebook Pages (businesses & brands) – organic reach
3. Facebook Ads – paid reach

Facebook wants more of #1… so either #2 or #3 should make space.

Do you think Facebook will cut their advertising revenue to give you free organic reach?


So.. going forward we’ll see less of #2, making #1 and #3 more important.

How to leverage this?

Plan #1) You make sure you’re part of the discussion. Let people talk about YOU and your brand on their personal profiles.

Plan #2) Run Facebook Ads. Stop relying on organic reach before it’s too late.

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