Facebook Adds for the Evergreen Album Launch

by promyour on September 16, 2017

Hi everyone,

We have been following others doing this and researching Facebook adds for an evergreen album launch now for a while… thought we would share findings and plans.

One of the easiest things to do is model the success of others… find someone who is doing what you want to do and deconstruct how they did it… do that.

This is not our idea… has been used in other business verticals for a long time and now some clever musicians are also doing it quite well.

So what is it…

The overall plan is to create a ‘warm’ audience… a add set (list) of people who watched more than 25% of the original video you use in the add and use that ‘warm’ audience for a new add inviting them to join an evergreen album launch experience (an email funnel is what is working for others).

  1. Will be starting with 12 add sets in the campaign.
  2. Each add set targets a different ‘soundalike’ artist audience of between 500,000-2,000,000, with less than a 30% overlap between them.
  3. The add is a video… could be animated gifs that lasts for the duration of the song or your video (we will as always test and measure a few different videos to see which one performs the best).
  4. We will be running a headline and no call-to-action on the initial video.. example might be… ‘They say… one of the best undiscovered country pop artists around… what do you say?’ or ‘They say… we sound like Lennon & Maisy from the TV show Nashville… do we?’
  5. After those 12 ad sets have run 24-48 hours, we will shut down all but the best 3 performing add sets.
  6. Relevance scores need to be pretty good at 7’s or above
  7. Expectation of cost per 3-second video view is between 1-2 US cents.
  8. We will keep the top 3 add sets running within our budget until the frequency score starts going up, then replace them with the next 3 top performers, and so on.
  9. We will also create a look-a-like audience from that warm audience and show them this ad… rinse and repeat to whatever budget we have.

Ive seen some bands pull 15,000 new fan emails per year off campaigns like this… at a cost of ~$180 AUD per week for Facebook adds = $0.62 per email…

If you look at another post the estimate value per new email subscriber is $5-$10 = very high ROI… assuming you have your shit together with great email funnels… albums to sell… merchandise to sell… tickets to shows etc.

Even if its only worth $2 per email subscriber in profit its still 100% return on your investment  I’ll take that return every day of the week !

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