Even conservative legends were extreme…

by promyour on September 10, 2017

Think of the legendary performers in that conservative style. (The ones even your grandmother could like.)

Frank Sinatra. Charlie Chaplin. Liberace. Liza Minelli. Barbara Streisand.

Even the most conservative “legendary” performers were rather extreme characters.

Don’t be afraid to be as extreme as you can imagine. Being in the spotlight is the excuse. You can get away with anything, all in the name of entertainment.


This is an extract from ‘How to Call Attention to Your Music’ by Derek Sivers www.sivers.org


easily the best piece I have ever read on music promotion… Derek founded CD baby then sold it for $20+ million donating the vast majority of his payday to an organization he created called The Independent Musician’s Charitable Trust, which will fund music education after he passes away.

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