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by promyour on July 11, 2017

Have been going down the rabbit hole on sync licensing and mail box money for a while now… thought I would snapshot the numbers I have been able to glean 🙂

First of all the why… the strength of Music Publishing (mail box money) is continual royalties.

Examples of mail box money… there are more… here are the easy ones to think about..

  1. song placement with recording artists
  2. collaboration with artists
  3. licensing music for commercials
  4. licensing music in film and television
  5. licensing music in gaming
  6. retail
  7. children’s toys
  8. digital
  9. international uses
  10. etc.

BFO (Big Focus Number) = 300-500 pieces in the market with music libraries / music supervisors / etc etc 

This normally takes people about 5 years from what I can tell… I think mainly because people do it as a part time thing whilst they build up their library… would suggest you could get there a lot faster (like anything in life) if you focused!

With that many pieces in the market you should in theory if my numbers are correct earn $50k+++ US per year (some earn $150k some earn $200k… it depends on the types of pieces… how user friendly they are to use… how good your contacts are etc)

While this may seem like an insane amount of pieces… lets break it down… you have a good song… it’s 3 mins long… could be 16 pieces in that song!

  1. 1st edit is the entire song
  2. 2nd edit is what they call the narrative (vocals way down in the mix)
  3. 3rd edit is the instrumental
  4. 4th could be a drum & bass edit
  5. 5th edit is the 60 second cut of the entire song
  6. 6th edit is the 60 second narrative (vocals way down in the mix)
  7. 7th edit is the 60 second instrumental
  8. 8th edit could be the 60 second drum & bass edit
  9. 9th edit is the 30 second cut of the entire song
  10. 10th edit is the 30 second narrative (vocals way down in the mix)
  11. 11th edit is the 30 second instrumental
  12. 12th edit could be the 30 second drum & bass edit
  13. 13th edit is the 15 second cut of the entire song
  14. 14th edit is the 15 second narrative (vocals way down in the mix)
  15. 15th edit is the 15 second instrumental
  16. 16th edit could be the 15 second drum & bass edit
  17. if the song suited I would throw in acoustic & piano only versions as well add another 8 pieces to the list 🙂

Now the hard part… getting the edits right… pls read this post in detail

Lucky last… there is 100’s of hours work in just that one song above… you’ll need to take it seriously and it will not happen overnight.

Would also suggest you learn to mix and master your own stuff otherwise the $ required will escalate quickly… some good links to start




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