Do You Need Better Quality Recordings to Compete?

by promyour on May 4, 2017

Great question… & I have thought a lot about this since it was asked of me… here is my humble opinion…

It all depends on your end game…

If you want mainstream radio air play… and want to compete with the big boys & girls in that global space… and… you have the money for marketing teams, press teams, radio pluggers, accounts departments etc etc then you probably do need better quality recordings.

If your goal is to make a good living from music (not be uber rich)… what you actually need (in my humble opinion) is deeper relationships with your fans… more fans yes… but you want raving fans who will spend $100+ per year on your stuff… you don’t need better recordings for that…. you need deeper relationships !!!!

There are plenty of people making good livings without high quality recordings… if its possible for them… its possible for you… you just need to find out how 🙂

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